Import Collision Mesh along with render mesh

For Importing static mesh actors:
How to import colliders along with the render mesh from 3dmax or maya.

In your 3D software you create a mesh called AmazingMesh. Create UBX or UCX collision. Look at documentation on specs. Create Colliders and name them UCX_AmazingMesh_01, UCX_AmazingMesh_02, etc, or UBX_AmazingMesh_01, UBX_AmazingMesh_02, etc. I think you can get away without using 01 if you only have 1 collision mesh but it doesn’t hurt if you have it. UBX is for “box” and UCX is for “convex”. Create a crazy UCX mesh and look at how it is interpreted in engine. The result is not what you might think. Select the AmazingMesh and all the UCX or UBX meshes as well. Export selection and then import into Unreal. When you import go through the options and under collsions check/uncheck the boxes that you want. If you already imported the object and want to reimport with UCX or UBX collsion. Go into the mesh and change the settings for the desired collsion setup and then reimport.

Hi James94Hodges,
I have implemented and tested it as you had given. It works,the collision mesh gets modified during import, it tried to optimize it.
Thank you,