Import Character And Earrings With Physics From iClone 7 to Unreal Engine?

I am having trouble getting a character that has earrings with physics into Unreal Engine. I made the character in Reallusion’s Character Creator, and rigged earrings with physics in iClone 7.

To be clear, I have all the Reallusion software (CC3, Iclone 7, 3Dxchange, Live Link, etc) to get my characters from the Reallusion ecosystem to Unreal Engine. In fact, I can get my characters into Unreal Engine easily - but if I have earrings with physics on the character, I get an error message from Unreal Engine, and the character import stops.

My earring animation works great in Iclone 7. The earring setup is fairly straight forward: a small cylinder is parented to the characters head, and the earring is attached via a hinge constraint to the cylinder. Then the cylinder and constraint are made invisible - voila - animated earrings with physics.

But as I say, I need to get this into Unreal Engine. I would like the earrings to keep their physics, just as hair and cloth keep their physics when sent to Unreal Engine.

Any ideas how I can get my character with earrings into Unreal? Should I rig the earrings in Unreal Engine somehow?

Any advise would be very much appreciated, thank you.

HOOP Grab.jpg

The only thing that comes to mind is it’s typical to have errors when importing a skeletal figure using a static mesh with in the hierarchy. There are a few things that goes bump in the night as UE4 does not even respect unique constraint requirements.

Best practice though is to import, in this case, the SK mesh and the SM mesh as separate elements and then add them as components as say part of a character BP.

Think of it as compositing your character where you can add detail to the base with out being locked into a single design where detail is baked into the mesh.

Thank you FrankieV. I will try to do the SK mesh and SM mesh as you suggested.

By the way, this is the error message that I get when trying to get the character with earrings with physics into UE

Yah that’s UE4’s version of the 404 error. Something goes boom, the error is trapped and generates an error message.