Import Blender Collection as a group?

I made a window in Blender that includes a window frame, window pane and moulding. The objects are in one Collection in Blender, and using the Send to Unreal plug-in, I sent it to UE and it came in as separate parts. Is there any way to have it come in as one group, assembled as it is in Blender, rather than in the separate pieces? That way I could apply the different textures and still add it to the scene and one object. I know I can re-assemble it in UE and group it afterward, but if there is a way to import it already assembled, that would be great! Thank you!

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Why don’t you merge it into a single mesh in Blender?
You can still have different materials for each part and you can easily select the parts in Blender if needed.

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Thanks for your reply, Limanima. I’ll be handing the project off to another designer, so the materials have to editable in UE. The other problem I had when I did it that way was that UE gives me that “nearly zero bi-nornals” error, which I think is because UE sees the overlapping vertices of the different parts. That’s a good suggestion, and I imagine people must do it that way all the time, but that’s what happened for me this time. I think to have it funny editable in UE, I’ll have to assemble it there. Not a bid deal, it’s just that if there was a better way. I would use it.

I don’t think that error is related with overlapping vertices.
And you can have a single mesh with multiple materials and still edited them in Unreal.
My character is a single mesh with multiple materials and overlapping parts and I don’t use the materials that were imported from blender, I create new ones in Unreal.

But maybe someone does it in a different and better way.

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Limanima, thank you for your help! You’re right, it works. The problem was I had joined the meshes before adding materials, thinking I could do all that in UE, but now I see you have to first add a material to each part in Blender, then join, then send to UE. Then in UE, you now have to proper texture slots. And yes, you are correct, the error was about the UV maps. :slight_smile: I appreciate your help!

When importing an fbx into the engine there’s a nifty little checkbox that’s labeled “merge” something rather.

It combines the whole file you import into a single mesh.

Instead of merging in blender you may want to consider just using that option when you import.

I like to keep my Blender files as precise as possible so I usually merge models myself in blender too.

There’s nothing wrong with either option.

Wow, thanks, MostHost, I didn’t know that! I’ll try that next time :slight_smile: