Import Assets like Unity Engine!

Hi :rolleyes:
In Unity game engine, When i export a lot of meshes from 3ds max as FBX format, inside Unity I always found one parent game object and all my meshes become children objects, so i always in Unity find all my objects pivot points in center of objects not in 0,0,0 !!

Is there any way similar to that in Unreal Engine 4 ?

There is a feature request for this. It has not been implemented yet, and unfortunately there isn’t any time frame for when this will be added to the engine.

This gets my vote too.

Anybody else like to see this implemented sooner rather than later?

Oh, just to add to the OP, the pivots are as they are in the FBX so if a pivot is at a corner then it will be at the corner in Unity too. You just have to enable “Local” for pivot at the top the UI, it defaults to centre otherwise.

UE is getting more and more users from Arch Viz field, and I am hoping you guys are aware of that when choosing priorities for updates.
This would be such a great feature to have!