Import Assets from Marketplace?

I can add marketplace assets to a regular UE4 project, but how do I add them to the Ark Dev Kit? They can’t be imported since they are already in UE4 format, so do they need to be exported and reimported or what?

SOLUTION 1: Migrate Assets
a) Add your marketplace assets to a new project in the regular UE4 editor (not ARK Dev Kit)
b) In the content browser of the new project, right click on the folder or asset you want moved, and select ‘Asset Actions->Migrate’ to move it and all related UE4 files to your desired ARK mod folder.
c) Start the Dev Kit and you should see your new asset in the folder to which you migrated it

SOLUTION 2: Export and reimport
a) Export assets in FBX format from UE4, and then reimport them into the Dev Kit

Forum search helps: How to: Getting [Engine 4.9] art assets from the marketplace into Ark Dev kit. - ARK: Survival Evolved - Unreal Engine Forums

Sweet, thanks :slight_smile: What search term did you use? ‘Marketplace’ gets a whole lot of stuff unrelated to ARK so it was hard to sort thru it all.

Advanced Search > (Top Left) Single Content Type > (Search in Forum(s)) ARK: Survival Evolved.


Excellent, now I can search just in the ARK forum now, ty :slight_smile:

but how do you migrate asstes and materials from ark to you own project ?? i only can exprot mheses but whit no materials ?

Because ARK has a bit of it’s own material system thrown in - one of the materials is absurdly horrific to look at in regards to its graph - and is a custom engine bases on 4.5.1.

Between almost all of the engines, it’s a pain in the *** to try and move materials between versions - major versions only really as far as I’m aware - and the best you can do is copy/import/migrate all textures and rebuild the materials verbatim as much as is possible - remember that nodes may not exist in newer engines when going from an older one because they’ve been superseded(this has happened with a lot of UE4’s functionality especially if you compare .5.1 to .11).


I have discovered that everything is in the Library of the Epic Games Launcher.