Import Asset Pack [Issue]

Hi Community! =)

I have an asset pack for a menu system that was bought outside of Marketplace and uses an older engine version. So when I drag my new asset pack folder directly into my content browser it fails to load everything!

I know that if I had bought it from Marketplace I could’ve choosen an earlier engine version and then it would work.

Is there anyway to drag the asset directly into content browser with different engine versions or is there a way to select a different engine version when placing straight into the content browser? If not then that means I’ve wasted my move on something useless. =(

Kind Regards, Glyn. =)

I found the answer. This Youtube video shows you how to import assets to any engine version avoiding import errors. Please note that if you are using this method as shown in the Youtube video, some assets may or may not work due compatibility issues. But it will import your assets nonetheless into content browser.


Enjoy! =)

Kind Regards, Glyn.