Import ARK assets into UE4 Editor - possible?

Hi everyone,

currently Im working on a small student-project about Dinosaurs. Due the fact that ARK has some pretty nice animated Dinosaur models including materials, I was wondering if its possible to import them into UE Editor and use them in Matinee and work with them in general?
I already tried to copy the ARK content files into the UE4 content folder, but the *.uasset files (from ARK) wont appear in content browser (from UE4 Editor), other import attempts were unsuccesfull too.

Any ideas?

Greetings, Alex

That’s not legal, you are only allowed to use the ARK assets with ARK

relax, you are right, but I won’t sell the game, the whole purpose of this is testing and development :slight_smile:

Tried it and no joy. The assets are bound to the editor.

thnx for the reply. So I now have managed to export the Model itself as well as the animations into UE-Editor, works fine, except for the materials.Maybe there is a way to copy or re-do them in UE-Editor.