Import Animation with "Set Range" option for the animation length setting doesn't seem to work

I am just trying to import an animation from a single fbx file. This animation actually contains different poses which I’d like to use in an aim offset blendspace. However, trying to create different animation sequences based off that one particular fbx, seems to be not feasible because apparently the animation length setting in the import option doesnt seem to have any effect on how the animation is imported.

Chances are that I am doing something wrong, so I thought I’d post my import settings here to double check that I am not missing an essential part when it comes to cropping animations on import.

As you can see in the above screenshot I have set my animation length to be “set range”.
Also I defined a frame import range (1,5).

However reimporting my animation always imports the full length of animation that is stored in the given fbx.

Is there anything else I need to set up in order to import only a certain frame range of an animation?

Thanks in advance.


What does your source file look like (from Maya, Blender, etc)? Is frame 1-5 in your source file (Maya) included in your exported FBX?

I had an issue like this. Basically, what I was doing wrong, was I had a 30 frame FBX jump cycle, and I only wanted the first 10 frames for a start_jump. So I did Set Range: 0-10. It didn’t work.

After banging my head against it for a while, I noticed in Maya, this 30 frame FBX was exported from frames 500-530 in the Maya file (there were many other anim FBXs exported from this Maya file).

So back in Unreal I did Set Range: 500-510 and got the snippet of the anim I wanted. My theory is because this FBX only included frames 500-530 from the Maya file, when I told it I just wanted frames 1-10, it said ‘those frames aren’t even in this FBX’ and short circuited.

Anyway, hopefully that makes sense and is helpful. Otherwise, you might be having a different issue. ::

Interesting, I never thoguht about it this way. Basically I am doing the same. I have a maya file where I author multiple animations. However, I was assuming the import range would be relative to the exported animation and not taking into account absolute frame ranges form either maya or blender. And to be honest, I don’t think this is very intuitive and user friendly design. In Maya I often move certain animations around and the actual exported frame range might change here and there. However, the duration, thus the total length of the animation will remain the same. Setting the import frame range relative to the amount of exported frames would work much better in my opinion. Anyways, thanks for clarifying!