Import and Export Materials


at the moment I’m trying to export some materials. Cause we need them on another computer. Normally I use .COPY or .T3D.

But how can I import these materials? If I try to import these files I got the message:

Failed to import ‘C:\Users\Rok\Desktop\Rok-Pakett_Mat.COPY’. Unknown extension ‘COPY’.

Thank you in advance.

Greez Rok

Hi Roknix,

Are you trying to take materials from UE3 to UE4, or between two UE4 installs or projects?

Instead of Export… Right click > Migrate…This will work for any asset. Also since all asset are save in .uasset file format, you can also copy it from your content directory and paste it into a new project.

Hello everyone!

I’ve tried to migrate materials between two U4 projects, but only migrates the material, not the texture and I am not able to find them (is a complex material from the Unreal Automotive Materials project).

Any help on that? Thank you all in advance!

Anything that is referenced by the material. i.e. textures, material functions… etc. Will get migrated with the material you are migrating.

If I may, I am relatively new here and I wish to edit a shader. How do I export a shader, such as the HsHologram CloneAdvisor, and what is the best way to touch it up?

  1. I can only migrate into the same project, Game level folder is as far as it will let me go, 2) I’ve tried exporting several materials from the Victorian Streets asset, they’ll only go as copy, 3) dragging and dropping gets no reaction, nothing happens, nothing copies, and I can’t really believe there is no way to export a material project to project when I import assets that are nothing but materials.

WITHF am I missing?!! <(>o<v)