Import and Export curves in Matinee

Hi All,

I want to make a scene, which is in sync with the music being played. I though the best way to do that is to use matinee. However I see that matinee does not visualise sound-tracks. If that could be done then matinee tracks could be based on audio (by using a convert). Also it would be usefull to make a track based on a filter from another track. Much like you can do on audio tracks, so that you can add echo and delay and such (and for geometry you could do mirror and scale).

Since this is not possible right now, It would help if we can get import and export options for Matinee. The event-graph object “Timeline” already has this funcionality, but a timeline can’t be added to matinee (why the splitted functionality?). The timeline feature also neatly lets you reuse timelines with “external curves” as float-curves and vector-curves, so if you have two objects that need to perform the same motion you do not need to write two timelines.

The Float-curves and vector curves can be imported from comma-seperated files (an export function would be usefull too (I can only export to t3d, which isn’t importable to anything else than text), but this does not specify interpolation (or node name for events). This import/export should be improved with the suggestions in this thread: Curve asset editor - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums

Lastly in the timeline editor it would be usefull to customise the presentation more: Overlay multiple curves in one screen and adjust the height of the screen (to a lesser minimum than what is possible now and per curve individually). But maybe there should be only one curve-editor and the timeline editor should be replaced by the curve editor.