Import an animation without mesh does not work with python

Hello !
I do a script for import a animation in unreal engine but the parameter FbxImportUI.import_mesh does not work :confused: When I run the script it import the animation and the mesh but I want import only the animation, the mesh already exists in another folder.

  1. Import Armature.fbx in /Content Browser/Temp (Armature.fbx is a SkeletalMesh)
  2. Run the next script with ArmatureAction.fbx location as animationLocation variable (ArmatureAction.fbx SkeletalMesh with one animation)

    import os.path
    import unreal
    animationLocation = r'D:\MyAnim\ArmatureAction.fbx'
    # Option
    taskoptions = unreal.FbxImportUI()
    taskoptions.set_editor_property('Skeleton', unreal.find_asset(r'/Game/Temp/Armature_Skeleton.Armature_Skeleton'))
    taskoptions.set_editor_property('import_mesh', False)
    taskoptions.set_editor_property('original_import_type', unreal.FBXImportType.FBXIT_ANIMATION)
    taskoptions.skeletal_mesh_import_data.set_editor_property('import_morph_targets', True)
    # Task
    task = unreal.AssetImportTask()
    task.filename = animationLocation
    task.destination_path = r'/Game/Temp/Anim'
    task.automated = True
    task.set_editor_property('options', taskoptions)
    # Import

var "Import_mesh" is False but the script import the animation and the mesh, not just the animation.
I use Binary Build, Version: 4.22.2-6574378+++UE4+Release-4.22


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