import alembic (fbx) with python api


I’m currently working on import alembic and fbx files into unreal engine with python API.
but here’s some problem that I add some options like frame information, etc, but it’s not working at all.

When importing, engine are using last import option with UI.

Here is my code, this is for alembic but importing fbx also has same problems.

def importAlembic():

    task = unreal.AssetImportTask()

    auto = True
    destination_name = ''
    destination_path = '/Game/test'
    filename = 'D:/'
    task.set_editor_property('automated', auto )
    task.set_editor_property('destination_name', destination_name)
    task.set_editor_property('destination_path', destination_path)
    task.set_editor_property('filename', filename)
    task.set_editor_property('replace_existing', True)
    task.set_editor_property('save', True)

    task.options = unreal.AbcImportSettings()
    task.options.import_type = unreal.AlembicImportType.SKELETAL
    task.options.compression_settings.merge_meshes = True     
    task.options.material_settings.find_materials = True
    task.options.sampling_settings.frame_start = 101
    task.options.sampling_settings.frame_end = 110

Am I missing something? Is there anyone have same problem??
I’m the new on Unreal Engine, please help me.

Thanks in advance for your help.