Import a file from Rhino

Hi guys, I have a problem while I import a file frome Rhino6. When I import my file in UE4 (in this case spheres and cubes because I’m tring to learn this thing at the moment) and I Play in editor, every object that I set doesn’t block my camera/character (so I pass throught them). I set each mesh in “collision presets” on “block all” but it doesn’t work. So I selected once again each mesh on the viewport, setting all of them in the details panel, under “static mesh” section, on “create blocking volume”. Ok, this method works, but is very time consuming if I must to set each mesh of my project in this way.
So my question is: once imported a grup of objects, is it possible to make them to not just a series of surfaces that my camera/Character can go throught, but to set them as volumes?

I hope you can help me, in any case have good day, bye bye!