Import a Character problems

Hi guys
Yesterday I’ve tried to import a Fbx Character created by me in blender.
It have 600’000 faces and it weights 30Mib and it have a bones armature
All combined with parenting in blender.
When I try to import in in Unreal it freeze at 75% of uploading.
I have a I7 4790,16Gb RAM and 970 Gtx… I think it’s not a pc problem

Can you give us more info about the FBX character?
Is it animated with your own skeleton?
Is it based on a certain skeleton from UE4?
Maybe a screen shot of your import settings?

It might not be freezing. With that many faces it takes forever for UE4 to parse a file that big. Might want to consider breaking it up and build it as a blueprint component object. If you make a change and want to update you will have to wait a long time again for the update to parse.

I Have only the model and a set of bones, all combined with parenting. No animation because I want use the basic animation in unreal and add some other animation downloaded from mixamo.
When I import it I check the skeletal and I select the “Third person Skeleton” (I’ve tried also without it.

Sorry but I’m a beginner and I hope you will bring me into the right way…

Help :slight_smile:
Thank you!

If you want I should upload the model in Dropbox

Hi Fede23,

I would tend to agree with FrankieV on this one. Larger files and more complex models can take longer to import. It may appear like the editor has frozen, but it’s still working through the mesh.

It does help to triangulate meshes before exporting from your modeling application. I understand this is Mixamo and you may not be using something like Blender, Max, or Maya.

I will say that even with our high-end machines here at Epic I’ve managed to stall the import with some files before and just wait it out. 600,000 polys is quite a lot.

Hi Tim, thank you for the reply… :slight_smile: I’ve created all my Character model in Blender and I want to use the free animation of mixamo (not the unreal pack).
So… today I’ll try to upload it and… Wait :stuck_out_tongue:

Another thing… xD When I upload my character in order to add some animation to it, I have to check ‘‘Third Person Skeleton’’ ?


Instead of importing that 600k mesh, have you tried duplicating it in Blender.
Decimate the duplication till your below 10k faces.
Then bake the normals of the 600k to the UV map of the 10k.
Will save you import time, without losing a lot of quality.

Hi StalkinU, thanks for the reply :slight_smile: I know how to do this ‘‘operation’’ but I have a question… The ‘‘Smart Uv project’’ will work?

When you select the Third Person Skeleton. that will only work if the bones/skeleton you have in your model is the same.
If you created your own skeleton and do not have proper bone names, choosing that skeleton will cause UE4 to Hang.

Thank you guys… Another thing… If I bake the Normals I should use the Smart UV Project? Thanks :slight_smile: