Import .3dm not working

Hello Totally new here and hoping someone can help .

Ive recently downloaded UE4 4.24.3 and wanted to create epic visuals from Rhino models but I am struggling to even get started, as the datasmith doesn’t recognise the 3dm file type.

im running both UE4 & Rhino6 on mac

I have been on the the plugins / Importers section and activated the Datasmith CAD Importer & Datasmith Content importer and restarted but to no avail.

Ive tried FBX which does import the elements of the file but not as a complete model !

I watched another video on importing rhino files and it states not rhino 6 but doesn’t seem to recognise any rhino version is it a mac thing ?

I must be missing something or doing something wrong as the unreal website states the datasmith should see and import 3dm and doesn’t mention OS compatibility being an issue .

please help as I would love to get stuck in.

I’m not aware of a known issue with importing .3dm on Mac.

I may recommend that you submit this as a bug report: Unreal Engine Community

Our team will need your .3dm file (or another that you create) for testing purposes.


Thanks Steven for getting back to me i’ve submitted the bug report and welcome any advice to help resolve this problem .


hello, i m exactly experiencing the same issue. Did you find the solution? i m also trying and seeing all the tutorials, but still i vent solve it. I got the satasmith pluggin but when i m importing the .3dm from rhino, in UE doesn´t seem to recognize any .3dm. Only .4dc and datasmith. I m also on a mac,
thank you

Hi I got a helpful answer of sorts from unreal, which lead me to stop trying with unreal, I’ve gone to blender for my rendering it also has real-time rendering which is what I was after. Hope this helps here is the link they sent me rhino Mac is unsupported I also asked when it would be adopted but have never heard back !