Import 3D Model (Weapon) from 3ds Max into UE (set up skeletal mesh/rig)

**Import 3D Model (Weapon) from 3ds Max into the UDK (set up skeletal mesh/rig)

This task will take between 30 Minutes - 2 hours ; depending on your experience in 3ds Max and Unreal Engine (UDK).

Payment via PayPal invoice: 75 USD (total - including PayPal fees).

Deadline: 7 days or sooner.

Please send an email to if you think you can do this job! Thanks!

Screenshots of the weapon:

Please download this file: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

All the reference/sample files are included too! If needed - here is a tutorial: UDK | SettingUpWeapons

** You should work with the old UDK 7/2013 **(here the link if you don’t have it on your hard disk): UDKInstall-2013-07.exe - Google Drive

** You need 3ds Max 2010 or newer! **

** Task details:**

I’ve imported the textures already to the upk file, but we still need:

=> set up the model so you can export it into the UDK without any issues - maybe some minor geometry / fbx exporter related stuff needs to be adjusted. I think there is a small issue with the geometry of the shield - please take a look. I guess we’ll need some basic collision - at least for the shield (so it protects the player).
=> the whole weapon system “Autocannon with plasma shock and ballistic shield” needs to be imported as a skeletal mesh - with the materials applied and with the following sockets:**

  • 2 Bones 0:b_Root / 1: b_AmmoClip

  • MuzzleSocket (for muzzle flash of the autocannon)

  • PlasmaBladeStartSocket (for the plasma shock - works like the electric shock for EvF_SubmachineGun)

  • PlasmaBladeEndSocket (for the plasma shock - works like the electric shock for EvF_SubmachineGun)

  • AmmoClip (for the magazine - should be set up for reloading)

  • the whole set up should be like for the other weapons (like EvF_SubmachineGun, EvF_SniperRifle, EvF_AssaultRifle, etc…) so we can use it with the character animations.