Implementing website inside UE4 environment

Hi there guys,

a I am new to UE4 enironment and done some initial research without any visible results I would like to ask you what are the possibilities of implementing a website inside ue environment. I.E. inside my environment I would like to have a big screen, where a website, or a part of it is visible and is a literal copy of the real website. (i.e. seeing the main page of washington post on the computer screen inside my game).

Any ideas on how to start on that. I underline that I am a complete beginner.

Please help !

Hi, in version 4.6 Epic have added a browser slate widget that might be of use. I haven’t tested it out as it was only released yesterday, I read that UMG widgets can also now be used in a 3D scene but I’m not sure if the browser slate widget is accessible in UMG just yet…can anyone confirm this?

Read this for more info

The slate browser widget is not part of the set of widgets we expose in UMG - mostly because it doesn’t run on all platforms as far as I know. In any event, wrapping any native slate widget and exposing it to UMG is pretty trivial. Just define a UWidget based class that creates the underlying slate widget, there are many examples in the UMG code base :slight_smile:

Thanks for confirming! I’ll give this a try later :slight_smile: