Implementing Voice Chat in-game through Blueprints

So I’ve been going through the forums trying to find a way of implementing Voice Chat for my game. I’m using version 4.9.2

I’m using the current settings for my DefaultEngine.ini:



And these settings for my DefaultGame.ini:


The standard sort of settings that I’ve seen for this sort of carry on. Now, I have a multiplayer structure currently implemented already, and that seems to work fine. I now want to start adding in the specifics for Voice Chat, but I’m not sure how to begin. Are they already in the engine natively, ie, have I done all that I need to do, or do I need to enable something else to use them?

I found the list of Voice Interfaces ( Interfaces | Unreal Engine Documentation ), but I’m not really sure how to use them. There doesn’t seem to be a blueprint that corresponds to their usage, though I’ve been told that Voice can be implemented through blueprints.

What is my next step? How do I begin to include voice?

If it is impossible to do it via blueprints, how do I begin to implement via c++?