Implementing twin stick shooter style control with strafing

Hi, Im trying to implement a twin stick shooter style control scheme in a small project. I have the character moving forward, backward, left, right, and diaginal. The mouse pointer controls the direction the character is facing. I would like to implement strafing with this control scheme and have made some progress but I have ran in to slight problem.
The problem is that the control scheme only works if the character is facing forward. Here is a quick video:

The first 14 seconds shows the movment that is current working when the character faces forwards. The rest shows the issue im facing… If the character is facing in a direction other than forward, the strafing doesn’t take in to account which direction the charcater is facing when choosing the animation to play.

Here is the blend space showing the animations:

Here is the anim blueprint which uses the velocity to choose what animation to play:

Here is the character blueprint section that controls the looking direction of the character. It basically gets the location of teh mouse point and makes the character rotate to face it.

What I think the problem is, is that the logic in the anim blueprint ignores the look rotation set in the character blueprint… But im not 100% sure.

Does anyone have any idea how I can get around this?