Implementing Torch Activation Based on Player's Inventory


I want to turn on a torch, but i want it to only be able to be turned on if the player has it in there hand. I’ve got a variable in the player blueprint that says when the torch is picked up but the program that turns on the light is in the torch blueprint.

this is the torch BP i need the “is holding?” boolean to equal the same as the “is holding?” boolean in the character BP is there any way to do this?


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Why not do it in the player? If the player is hold it, then can turn it on, otherwise not. :slight_smile:

the light is on the model in the Torch BP how would i turn that on from the Character BP

Well, because the player is holding it, presumably you have a reference to it?

Then you can just drag off the reference, and call the on/off events.

Thank you that worked

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Great :sunglasses:

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