Implementing Manny's Foot IK system to my own character. please help me!

I’ve been testing couple of things in UE5.
And one of the astounding feature was UE5’s new mannequin (Manny and Quinn)
and its own IK Foot rig system!
After few digging I found out that its controlled by its AnimBP’s Control Rig system.

As a newbie, I wasnt able to understand all of the nodes in it but
I challeged myself to apply same Foot Ik system to my own custom character.
I have matched the rig hierarchy as Manny’s,
and tried to copy paste all the nodes in the manny’s control rig system,
but…something is wrong. as you can see on my attached screengrab,
although my character detects ground / slope, its leg animation is completely ignored.
the last node sequence on full body IK seems to be the issue but
I just couldnt figure out the solution to this problem…!
please, if someone has faced similiar issues, shed a light for me!


Does your character rig have IK bones? You may need virtual bones. That video might help you. UE5 - Add Metahuman to TPS Template - No Retargeting (4k) - (Timelapse 3X) - YouTube


perfect! it had to do with IK bone that I created. virtual bone created based on foot l,r worked for me. I guess it has to do with axis / location / rotation of the bone. thanks a million mate!

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Glad it helped, mate. Keep up the good work!