Implementing Jump into top/down template

Greetings, im currently working on a top/down adventure game kinda like Lara Croft and the Temple Of Osiris. I’ve been using the top/down template and everything was working fine until I implemented jumping into the game.

It seems like the way the movement works is quite restrictive for jumping. On one hand the nav mesh does seem to like jumping and you need to find ways to get around this. (I solved this issue by creating invisible boxes which trigger the nav mesh but dont collide with the player) this gets even harder when you try to jump on a platform thats a higher position.
Theres also an issue with the move to location that is being used. Since the static meshes alter the path that the player is walking towards which in turn causes the jumping to act all weird.

I was simply wondering what would be a good way of implementing jumping into the top/down template. Ive been looking around but I cant seem to find any solutions to this problem so i was hoping someone with experience can help me out since ive been quite stuck with this problem for a few days.

Thank you very much.