Implementing Crowd Simulation Library

Hi all!

Firstly, apologies if this is posted in the wrong section. Please move it or direct me if I’ve put this in the wrong place!

So, I’m very new to Unreal Engine 4 but I’ve been fiddling around with it for the past few months, familiarising myself with creating blueprints and the very basics of C++ in the context of UE4 (I’ve programmed in C++ before, so not entirely new to it!). As part of my final year project in university, I’ve been tasked the implementation of a crowd simulator called Menge (linked with this post).

My supervisor is being very vague about how to integrate it, but keeps implying it’s possible with some simple C++, so I’m assuming it’s possible. Can anyone give me any pointers and tips on where to start off? Any help would be incredibly appreciated. Thanks!