Implementing Android Analytics Provider

Hey, I am a developer who is interested in implementing GameAnalytics into my Unreal 4 Android App. I have so far found no documentation or help on how to help me implementing this into the engine. On the Unreal site all it says about implementing a new Analytics Provider is that “it is easy to do if you need to do it”.

Is there any documentation anyone can point me to or any help you can give me as to how I should go about doing this? Is it possible to sort of list the most important steps to get an Android Analytics Provider working on a project that I can check out and maybe modify to work with GameAnalytics?

Thanks so much for your help,


I have done a basic wrapper for GoogleAnalytics.

You need to implement a basic interface IAnalyticsProvider that makes some JNI calls to custom Java methods (probably in to make packaging easier). The google analytics jar is already part of the build process for Google play builds, so I didn’t need to modify anything there.

Look at the IOS Apsalar implementation and work from there (will be using ObjC calls rather than JNI).
Lives under engine/plugins/analytics from memory (not currently in front of PC).

Just saw this - not mine (if you still want to write your own start from there)