Implementing an optimal animation

Hi everyone!

We’ve already made a tank’s track spline animation but it’s using a lot of memory because it’s implemented inside a tick function. So, it needs to check every seconds but as you may know it requires a lot of resources if there will be more than 10 tanks…

I would like to ask if you guys have an optimal solution for this problem or have faced these kind of problems.

P.S. would be great if the solution in blueprints.


Just in general, using Events that you can defer instead of OnTick events, and Timelines.

To be clear, creating an event that runs every tick is More memory, not less.
Creating an event that runs only when needed (ex: the tank moves forward) is less memory.

Moving the spline checks to an event would cut down on memory IF one out of 10 tanks is still.

BTW axis and key-press events happen just like an on-tick function. So maybe you can just branch the code right into them without having to create a custom event and you get the same optimization.

other than those 2 methods I’m not aware of any tricks for lessening load on the OnTick events… Doubt there are many other than “don’t use tick events” as Epic team often tells us.