Implementing "Ammo getting low" SFX

So you can already play the effect once but cannot repeat it? I think some screenshots / further explanation of your blueprints might help.

Heyo ppl! i am trying to figure out how can i implement the sfx for ammo getting low.

Example video here: QUAKE Champions : All Weapon Skins & Sound in the Game // 퀘이크 챔피언즈 모든 무기 스킨과 사운드 - YouTube should start to play from the correct timestamp, if not then it’s at 11:20.

I have one float variable for ammo that i can use and i have tried pretty much everything and i am now out of ideas
(i have tried: timeline, crossfade by param, booleans if ammo is lower than x)

So far the main problem is to get the “ammo getting low sfx” to start again from the point it stopped when i start shooting again.

Hope someone has experience with similar problem!

Good day!

■■■■, i left the office for the day. I will share screens of BPs tomorrow!

Pause and Unpause the audio component.

  • ensure the comp is not active (bottom of the pic)
  • when your drop below ammo threshold → activate it → play from start (or see last point)
  • pause when the player is firing
  • unpause when we stop firing & ammo is still below threshold
  • when ammo is collected & no longer under threshold → deactivate the component
  • when ammo is collected but still under threshold (tiny ammo pack mayhap?), recalculate the time and play from there:


You know the ammo limits and the length of the sound cue.

This is how it is implemented right now, it somewhat crossfades between the 3 sfx’s, still needs tweaking to make it seamless but i see that people have posted something about pause node, i should try it out and see what i can do, i hope this solves this.



Yes it fixes this!!
I replaced the “stop” node with “pause set to true” and added “pause set to untrue” in the end of “event play local FX”

Thank you!

Well I see Everynone already took care of the topic so you don’t need to send any if you don’t need further help :wink: