Implementing a puzzle into my game.

I’m currently using the top-down game type, and am wondering how I can implement little simple puzzles into my game.
I would like for the player to walk over a trigger (in this case in front of a door), which would active a puzzle, which would make an image overlay the current screen (preventing the player from moving). The player would then need to click on pictures and drag them into the right position in order for the puzzle to be completed (this would active a matinee sequence which opens the door). If this is too complex for now, my back up idea would be to have the pictures with a box next to them which the player can type a numeric value into. If the correct value is typed in the right boxes, the door would open.
Are these any tutorials out there that relate to what I’m trying to do? I’m not exactly sure where to start here. It’s a very simple puzzle but I’m not sure what I need to know in order to get started. Thanks!

Split this problem int very simple tasks. You need those steps:

  • make umg hud and show hide it on player screen

  • then you need door with trigger

  • you need change player view to cinematic and restrict movement (there is single node for this)

  • and last task is making umg widgets that display your boxes and move. Quite important is picking right type of widget for touch/mouse input.
    You also need some array for this to store state of puzzle. Then some rules about how you move them. And last is function that check victory/lose conditions.

Thanks for your reply!
I’ve created the assets for the UMG hud, but need to learn more about them and how to use them this way.
The door with the trigger (both in a blueprint) is quite simple for me, but I’m not sure which node stops the player from moving…
As I said, I know very little abotu UMGs, so this is all rather overwhelming. I’ve seen a few tutorials but it all seems to be in relation to creating menus, and not intractable games.
Not entirely sure how to put it together really!