Implementing a draw bridge animation

I’ve got a small game project where the player has to collect 10 keys, and then the draw bridge at the end of the level should open up. I have a draw bridge and the animation for it works, but the problem I’m running into is that when I start, the bridge is automatically gone. I’m not entirely sure why it’s doing this. I went through the blueprint and I’m not seeing anything that could cause this behavior. I’ve tried looking for a good tutorial for something like this, but most of the animation things I could find were character related. Does anybody have any good tutorials or an idea of what’s going on? Thanks!

What do you mean by “automatically gone” ?
The bridge disappears when you launch the game in PIE ?
If so, you should check that you don’t have check the boxes “show only in editor” or “do not render in game” in the detail panel of your bridge.
If I don’t have understand your problem, you should be more specific about it ^^

Well, I’m not entirely sure what was happening with it, but I have it partially fixed. It stays there now, although I can still walk through it for some reason. And it does the animation now, but instead of falling down 90 degrees, like it shows in the animation window, it falls a full 180 degrees, so it’s just hanging down. And it falls the wrong direction. I tried turning the asset 180 degrees, but it still falls the same direction? So much of it makes no sense.

I don’t get exactly your problem…
Maybe you have activated the physic in your bridge ? That will explain why it hangs down…
If not, maybe you could post some screenshot for us to see the problem ^^.