Implement skateboard mechanics

I’m looking for guidance on how to implement skateboard riding for the existing 3rd person character

I’ve created a skateboard BP, with a skateboard static mesh

I need to ‘attach’ the character to the board, I’ve added a socket to the right foot of the SK_mannequin skeleton and the code the attach the character mesh to the board.

If the skateboard is simulating physics, the two physics bodies colide and repel each other

if the skateboard is not simulating physics, it does not seem to have collision, it goes through the floor

Here a video demonstrating the issue, two skateboards, the red is with physics

How would you recommend approaching the issue? Do i need to create a custom character movement class?

I think you posted this before, right? I assume the reason you’re not getting any answers is because what you asking actually involves a lot of work.

It is possible to put the character on the board, but it wont look like they’re skating unfortunately.

You need to delve into animations, and that’s a whole new ball game.

You’ll need skateboarding anims, which would probably be motion captured. I don’t see any on the market place right now.

You -could- get away with no animations, if you are prepared to fiddle around a lot with the currently available animations ( crouch etc ), but it’s always going to look a bit off.

Hey, i’m not asking for ‘How do I make a skateboard game’ obviously that is a big task. What im trying to achieve at the moment is the riding mechanic which involves getting the player on the board and pushing forward with some force, which involves attaching / gluing the character to the static mesh of the skateboard. I’ve tried adding bones to the character’s feet and attaching both actors together, did seem to stick when the board has physics on… how would you suggest doing that?

Sorry, I didn’t read your post closely enough.

I don’t do much with physics and attachment myself. If nobody comes along here with some ideas, it might help to post it again… :wink:

not a direct answer to your problem, but ere i shared the way i implemented some of the skateboarding mechanisms in unreal engine
[unreal skateboarding system][1]


Link is not working :frowning: I’m so curious. Could you please re-enable it?

Thank you!

Hi, Here is the link to full playlist of skateboarding system