Implement Mobile Ads (Android - Interstitial Ad)

I was wondering if someone has managed to implement an Interstitial Ad in their mobile game. I have managed to implement a banner into my game but has yet to get the Interstitial Ad to work. Any insight on how this can be achieved will be appreciated. Currently I have it hooked up this way: Load Interstitial Ad > Is Interstitial Ad Requested (If Yes) > Is Interstitial Ad Available (If True) > Show Interstitial Ad.
If it’s false in both cases I try to load the Interstitial Ad again until it shows. This doesn’t seem to work at all.

Hi, you can use this its so helpfull ,

this thing is pain in the ass… You need to use that guy’s plugin.
On that page there is tutorial for how to add this plugin to your project. Then you can use it. Never for get not only this plugin can show ads. You need to use Test Id’s Enabling test ads  |  Android  |  Google Developers

Also if you are noob like me dont forget to make “FULL REBUILD” or you will get plugin error while execution. I have limited knowladge about thing but about this plugin errors you can ask him. he’s fast responding and very helpful. Be safe and good luck…

You can also use Universal Mobile Ads by gameDNA what is all-in-one solution and they provide perfect support: Universal Mobile Ads for iOS & Android - Unreal Engine Forums