Implement Licensing Software into my game?


We are creating a game that will be sold exclusively to businesses for arcade experiences. I am wondering how we can implement a software licensing model into our game. When it comes down to it, when a customer launches the game, it will check to see if the license is valid, if it’s valid, the game will continue to launch, if the license was revoked or invalid, it will not launch into the game.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this or any third party companies that can assist with implementing this?



So you gonna sell only software? Isn’t there any arcade platform that would deal with DRM stuff for you? Considering most arcade hardware now days is PC based.

Yes, we are selling software only at the moment. Since we are selling this to businesses, they will have to pay for the software on a monthly basis. That’s why we need the ability to revoke licenses at any given time, so it’s not a one time payment and it can be used at unlimited locations. I believe we need a separate solution, I was looking at SoftwareKey, but am unsure on how to implement their SDK into Unreal Engine.

Hello, you can check us out.

We do the online license checks, node-locking, software entitlements part (eg: turn on/off certain add-ons etc.), and should be pretty straightforward to add into games written in C++ or by using our plugin for Unreal Engine.