Implement config change option in Unreal Editor - remap Q and E keys to ctrl and space.


I posted my question on answer hub and received no response.

I would like the option in the editor to remap Q and E keys to ctrl and space.

When moving around in Unreal Editor, I’d like to be able to remap Q and E keys to ctrl and space to match how I play FPS.

This is how my muscle memory works, so I’d like to adjust the tool to suit.

This request is broken up into 2 parts:

  1. Quick hack of where in the code I could change it locally on my own compiled version
  2. Create a implementation that allows for it to be changed through a config menu and have working patch that would able to be submitted to Epic, so it would have to be a usable patch, not just a quick hack from above.

I’d like to do this as a lump sum estimate for each.

You would still get paid even Epic don’t accept the patch request, but I’d like it so that I could apply the patch for myself locally.
I want the quick hack for now so that I can keep going.


No payment necessary.

To save you the time of looking through the list, the stuff you are looking for is in the category ‘Viewport Navigation’.

Thank you both SaxonRah and Jamendxman3.

What a gross oversight on my part.

IIRC I had been up all night and was just fed up / frustrated…:confused:

I was able to change up to space, but down would not bind to just the ctrl key on its own, so I will have to use “C” for now.