Impact of Pokemon Go on mobile game development

Hey guys !! I guess we all know about the boom Nintendo has got with their new mobile AR game Pokemon GO … I was thinking how will it affect on the current mobile game industry as this game has gone off the charts … any thoughts on it ?? :confused: Will it slow down sales of other games or is it jus another boom-bust cycle like candy crush or angry birds ?

I have moved your thread to Off Topic as it doesn’t really have anything to do with Unreal Engine.

Bold for emphasis. The game is by Niantic under license from The Pokemon Company.

Could be something big, but the app is such a darling of the fickle mass media right now, its hard to know for sure.
Overall there seems to be a carefully orchestrated media campaign behind the stories of muggings and dead bodies etc.

But certainly this is going to put AR onto the radar of many. Its the kind of free press that all VR makers wish they had.
But Niantic etc still have to peddle in-game purchases, and that doesn’t justify the 50% share price spike for Nintendo!

My gut feeling is, it will launch new kinds of games and will be bigger than King or Rovio, so I guess I hate it already :stuck_out_tongue:
Don’t want to think about privacy implications either. Players of the game all zombie walking to the privacy apocalypse!

Yeah !! with off the charts development pace of GPUs, VR and now AR … a new era for gaming industry has begun … have to play the wait game to see how these things affects on kickstarters or new indie developers. I guess will get bit harder for conventional mobile game developers … Maybe !!

Can’t DL my pokemon Go. :frowning:

I haven’t even played it yet so i cant leave a comment as to whether or not its cool.

It’s just the beginning. We are rapidly moving to a world as described in Snow Crash as a reality.

you know how easy it is to hack that pokemon go game all I have to do is download a gps spoofing app and i can go any where in that game unless you can stop spoofing its not going to make it far.

Well AFAIK your stats are on the server and traveling distances are calculated and sent too as they are used to hatch eggs and so on. It’s not too hard to add sanity checks if spoofing gets popular and the game already ignores you already if you travel with high velocity.

(I haven’t played the game but have walked with others who do)

im thinking of setting up a hay ride on a tractor to roll around my town charging people 15$ an hour to hit stops around town haha.

I didn’t knew about that !! … and anyways I read somewhere it broke the internet and there is no way anyone can store that much data and transfer that high traffic ! :stuck_out_tongue:

The servers are most likely overloaded cause of the unexpected high popularity and the fact massive amounts of people are playing from countries where it’s not even supposed to be out yet.

People are quite grounded in the west. But head out East and its a strange, different, often quite alien world.
Walk around Akihabara in Tokyo or parts of Seoul etc, and you’ll see addicts for this stuff, like some religious cult.
So even if there’s chronic cheating, Niantic will find ways to monetize it and gazzilions of users will sign up anyway.:confused:
Even if it fizzles out in the EU/US, Latin America etc, you can still probably expect Asia to go nuts over this indefinitely…

oh yeah i mean you see Asians walk around with anime or piccachu hats and no one judges them. If I wore one I would be criticized lol.

GPS spoofing gets you banned pretty quickly.

At this rate … casual people wont last more than months, it has jus 145 (donno exact number) pokemons and drains battery like crazy … unless Niantic releases some new features/updates to it …

It’s a bit featureless, but it is version 0.29.0. More things are on the way. I’ve put a considerable amount of time into it (walked over 50km), and I’m still only halfway through the pokedex.