Immersive Lighting - The World's-First 3D Surround Lighting Solution

I’m beyond excited to finally be able to write this to all of you and announce the official release of Immersive Lighting, the worlds-first 3D lighting solution for video games, virtual production, live events and more, available now for Unreal Engine 4. This project has been something I’ve wanted to do going back to 2014 and for the past 2+ years, I’ve been working incredibly hard to get this off the ground.

Immersive Lighting’s core surround lighting feature takes the lighting from the virtual world, into the real-world whether it’s in the users room, on stage, an event, etc. This is true 3D lighting for the first time ever and supports all major lighting interfaces from Philips hue, Corsair iCUE to DMX lights right out of the box with the ability to easily add more in the future.

The desktop and mobile application will be releasing in the very near future and gives consumers the ability to setup their lights at home for their IL content as well as pro tools for virtual production to quickly and easily configure lights and track their changes live.

We’ll be offering 14-day trial licenses for game developers and for a limited time, for studios/teams looking to integrate this into their virtual production pipeline, we’ll have 30-day trials as we roll out additional features over the coming weeks to make setting things up easier and more seamless.

I have a ton of information and details to announce so please bear with me while I get this rolled out and I’ll also be hosting a live stream in the near future to do a deep dive into the technology. I’ll also be updating this thread over the next couple of days with a lot more information as I get the word out.

For more information, check out and I personally want to thank everyone who has supported me along this journey from the bottom of my heart!

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