Immediate player location change?

A simple player warp during game play.

So basically, you touch a certain actor and it warps you to another location…I’m sure it’s extremely simple…a pointer please??

You are looking for the function : SetActorLocation(). There is also SetActorRotation() is case you want to .update the actor rotation too. These functions have an immediate effect.

So with the touch event or you actor, use the get actor that touch it to call the function to change its location.

Common sense right? Lol sorry I know a lot of this atuff allready but as a newbie I often have a brain fart… . :confused: thanks a lot.

No problem, the best way to find these functions easily is in a Blueprint context to look for specific keywords. This will return in the search field a lot of functions regarding what you need. For example : searching for “location”.