(IMDb Credit) - Level Designer

Affinity Pixel Entertainment is looking for a volunteer level designer for our game Fallen Angels. Fallen Angels is a retro inspired First Person Shooter set in the 1930s. Our target platforms are PS4, XBONE & PC.

We have a massive team of over 25 people working on and contributing assets to this game. For the past month or so we had to stop production in certain areas of game development because we simply cannot afford our contractors. While the core developers, including me, are still working on the game, we are not where we’d like to be. We have a major publisher interested in helping fund and publish this game but before they make their decision we need a playable prototype. That is why we decided to go ahead and look for volunteers. While we cannot pay you up front, we will give you a credit on our official IMDb page and recommend your work to various developers we know so you can find a good job. As freelancers ourselves, we don’t believe in someone just working for “exposure.” We want to help grow your portfolio and help you enter this amazing industry. And if there is more we can do to help your career please let us know.

We are looking for the following:

  • Unreal Engine 4 Level Designer

Please send your resume to Due to the amount of resumes we receive it is impossible for us to reply to everyone.


John Montoya
Affinity Pixel Entertainment
Co-Executive Producer for Fallen Angels

WIP Image of our main character -

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Plot summary: On a cold, dark night private detective Michael Thane saves a mysterious woman named Delia from harm. Claiming the attack may have been caused by a growingly notorious man by the name of Whitman, Michael pursues her attackers to investigate. Confronted with murder scenes, gang fights, and haunted by memories of his past, Michael makes his own calls on how his investigation plays out.