Images in Struct, stored in Datatable. Issue

Hi everyone !

I want to store references of images that I imported in UE4 (Shown as UTexture). So I have a field “image” of type “Image Object Reference”.
When I do that, I have the possibility to open the content browser for a default image, but zero asset is displayed !
Worst, when I create my Datatable based on that struct, the image field totally disapear !
Is it possible to do what I want ? I did the same thing for static mesh and no problem !
For now, I don’t want to use CSV or Json, entering manually the data in the UE editor is fine (And easier for paths references I think)

Thx !

Image should be Texture 2D

OMG ! It was just a type issue :smiley: I’m so dumb.
Thx you !!