Images for Photogrammetry - Turntable method

Hoping someone can help…

I’m hoping to capture similar sized objects to the image attached using the turntable method. Obviously this image does not have sufficient lighting which i’m currently in the processing of sourcing, nor does it have an effective ‘featureless’ background required for the Photogrammetry process.

I’m in the process of sourcing a green screen but as far as I can work out I need a huge screen. The object is 6ft away from the back wall (a specified minimum distance to stop green spill onto the model) and the camera (Pi cam V2) is at a sufficient distance away from the object to ensure I get the full object in frame.

However as you can see these distances leave a huge amount of background space needing to be filled with the green screen, I calculate a screen size of 16ft x 16ft . My questions is this, if I used a green screen the same size as the grey wall on the image (which would obviously create a green floor too!) could I just crop each and all of my images to get rid of the unwanted background to the sides of the image? I’ve read that cropping the images pre-processing is a big no no but doesn’t explain why… As far as I can work out, as long as all images are cropped to the same size I don’t see why this would effect processing? Might be an extremely obvious reason why so apologies if it is!

I would just test it, but I don’t really want to buy a green screen if it turns out not to be big enough!

Thanks in advance!

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