ImageResizUEr, an in-editor resizer for textures in content directories

What is it?
ImageResizUEr is a one click Unreal Engine editor plugin that allows you to easily resize whole content directories of textures without exporting them, using a separate tool and then re-importing them. Can selective up- and/or down-sample to a target resolution, while ignoring any files that contain segments that should be ignored. Has a range of resampling algorithm options, and various ways of handling the texture edges.

But what does it look like?

Where do I get it?
You can get the current pay what you want version on

And the Marketplace?
Marketplace version

An updated build for 4.15.0 has been sent to Epic for the marketplace, and is already available on the itch site.

4.15 Epic Marketplace update is now live.

With certain images it crashes Unreal every time on 4.19.2. Are you interested in error logs or copies of the images?