Image widget is ridiculously low quality

I’m kinda new to this whole widget thing and I want to display a 3D image in the game but the image is pixelated with ■■■■■■ quality. why is this happening?

The resolution of the render target is pretty low by default:;base64

I’ve assumed that by 3D image you mean a *3D mesh; *and a scene capture component captures it in order to display it on the interface.

Or are we just talking about widget components (sometimes referred to as 3d-widgets) showing images?​

i used widget component since i want to put some icon on the screen to be interactable

Ah, I see. You’re drawing it in a very lowly 50x30 resolutions. That’s not that many pixels.

Match the images size for draw size and scale the widget down.

that was it. thanks