Image variable on widget

Hello everybody.
I have some troubles with widgets.
I created a main widget containing a wrap box on the left side and an blank image on the right side.
I also created a sub widget, which is consist of 1 button and text inside it.
In a datatable, I put 2 variables : text and texture 2D.

I achieve to create as many button inside the wrapBox with correct texts according to the datatable.

And now, I fail to complete what I want to do :

  • When hovering a button, just created, I want to show the corresponding image (linked with the text inside the button and texture 2D according to the datatable) in the blank image created in the main widget.

My problem is the hovering is about the sub widget and I want to show image on the main widget…And second problem which is related with the first one (I guess) : How to get in the main widget, the text of a button, to send a set brush from texture to the image ?

I hope you can help me on this topic.
Thanks in advance