Image sequence / swapping

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to make a kind of image gallery inside my app. On that purpose I created a widgetBP, and added the following functionality.

I got a next and a previous button but I got some issues. Whenever I hit one of the buttons the other one doesn’t work anymore so I got to go back to the main menu. What can I do to make them work correctly?

And for me, the most important question: is there a more effective way to make this kind of blueprint (image gallery)? This is the only way that I found to do it, but I don’t think that changing the ZOrder is the “cleanest”… By now I only got two images, but whenever I got 10 or 20 with diferent sizes it won’t look nice.

Thank you guys!!!

What ZOrder are your buttons on and where are they located? It sounds like when one button is pressed, it might be getting overlapped by one of the canvas slot panels/images. We could probably give you more accurate advice if you show us a screenshot of your designer tab

As for better way, you could use ‘set visibility’. Have the images set in the designer as you like, then set their default visibility to be ‘hidden’. When the time comes to display that image, set the visibility to ‘visible’ and hide the previous image.