Image sequence in Material?

HI guys, I want to create a hologram that appears when i reach a certain area of my VR scene. I have a image sequence of a girl speaking about 200 frames. I know how to set up a hologramic like material i nunreal.

My plan was to apply that material to a plane, make it appear when i reach the place.

I just realized I don’t know if I can assign texture sequences inside materials in unreal.

can this be done ? if not how would i get this done ?


here’s the general steps

  1. Video and Animated GIFs can be linked into UE4 through Image Media Source asset.
  2. The Media Source asset has to be linked by a Media Player asset
  3. Media Player Asset has to be linked by a Media Texture asset
  4. Finally, the Media Texture can be linked in materials through a Texture Sample node.
  5. To play the animation, you have to reference the Media Player asset in blueprints, then you can run through Play node

Alternatively, if you are using a sprite sheet, you can use Paper2D node in materials to scrub the sprite sheet as an animation.

Thank you bro.

Works pretty cool but at some frames it picks a different image.
How can you match the sequence to run at the same speed of the mesh?