Image Sequence export not working correctly


I have been having an issue with the matinee image sequence export process. I have a fly-through set-up correctly and working fine when I press the play button. But when I press the movie button and choose to export my frames (either .bmp .png .jpeg) the colours and lights get washed out and it looks nothing like it does in the editor!

Does anyone know why this is happening? I figure I have some settings wrong somewhere.

Also attached you can see what it should look like and what it is exporting like

Hello DavidKaris,

I would like to gather some more information from you in order to understand your issue better.

You say that matinee is rendering fine when pressing the play button but when exporting an image sequence the colors are washed out and is not dark as in the image you linked.

1.) Close matinee and open it again and try to export.
2.) Export your images, play, close your project, then reopen and try to export your images again.
3.) Can you export a .avi file from matinee and still see the washed out textures as in your image sequence?

I am not quite sure what is causing this issue but I am hoping these troubleshoots will help narrow down what could be causing the problem.

Hi ,

Thanks for the response!

Errors still occurring after trying your suggestions. Also .avi produces the same washed out result.


Ok, I have attempted to recreate this issue on my end but I have been unsuccessful. Could you provide a test project where this is occurring so I can attempt to diagnose this issue on my machine.

What I will need is ONLY your .uproject, and your content and config folders from you root folder of your project. You can link that via dropbox here you can send me a private message on the forums.

On the forums, to find me, go to Advance search and type in my name in the search for user tab. This will allow you to send me a private message. Please attach the above mentioned files in a link to dropbox there.