Image Quality Issues

Hey guys!
I am trying to add a button into my widget, which contains a picture of 887x1581.
The picture is that big, because i want that big screen resolutions have a good quality as well.
So i have tried to import my picture as texture and apply it to the button. I had to scale it down, since i dont have a really big monitor.
But once scaled down, the picture gets really pixelated:

Someone told me to try it with MipMaps, but then the picture gets really blurry:

I cant get it to work so that my picture has a great quality once scaled down.
Is there any way to fix this or maybe some other way to support a high quality for big screen sizes?

Hi Prof.Linebeck

Unfortunately unreal does not handle scaling down images well. I have experienced the same issue myself.
As a work around you can import the texture at different resolutions, during runtime check the size of the viewport the draw the texture which best fits that resolution.

Some claim there are workarounds you can do by applying it to a material, however, I never found a solution that maintained the desired level of quality.

Good luck