image planes to MAYA export


one of the new features in the latest release says:

  • Added image planes to Maya export

how does this work? which export-format does me allow to do that?

best regards

Hi Frank Zwick

It is in the MAYA exporter, so if you load an exported MAYA scene, you will get everything set OK. If you have problems to load bigger projects into MAYA, then you need to change the viewport renderer 2.0 to older one. It seems the driver is not prepared to load big data, or it is a bug…

thank you wishgranter, but if i export the mesh, i can only set .obj, .ply, .xyz and part list as exportformat!?
so where can i find the maya-exporter?
I am using the promo-version latest build…

Hi Frank,

to export cameras you need to go to ALIGNMENT (or WORKFLOW) tab and select “Registration” in export panel. In the export dialog select “Maya 2013 Ascii scene” format.

This will export camera poses and un-distorted images.

ahh ok, thank you!


after doing some tests, i still can`t get proper data into maya!

The overall orientation is wrong, but this is not a big issue, i can group and rotate all cams (rot.x -90).
The overall scaling is wrong, can also be fixed by grouping and scaling ( 0.1).
The position of all cameras ist correct but they are aiming is wrong! Looks like they are pointing all in the same direction (+z) instead to the center i my case (FullBodyScan).

What did i do wrong? Which settings do i need to get proper data into maya?

By the way, the export of the mesh as obj works fine, it keeps the additional info of GroundPoint and Distance, only the Orientation is wrong (rot.x -90).


…still no success…looks like exported cameras have right position in space, but orientation of the individual cameras (camera look at) is wrong…

some hints for me, which settings to use for a proper import?


Hi Frank Zwick

We have tested it very carefully, it is working properly. Can you send some screenshots from RC and Maya and highlight the actual issue?

Hello Wishgranter,

doing the same task again today, now CR exports all cams with correct orientation!
All i have to do now, is to group all cams and rotate the group X-90 and everything looks fine…problem solved!
anyway here are two screenshots from last week and today (same CR-Project-data!):




Hi Frank Zwick

You can set the Z-Y rotation axis in Maya settings – this way you can get a PROPERLY oriented scene to Maya… And therefore you do not need to rotate anything…


I am also having a similar problem with the Maya export - a straight forward registration export works fine, with all the cameras orientated correctly. However as soon as a try and impose a scale/control points within the RC scene and export I get an import error dialogue in Maya and whilst my cameras are positioned correctly they do not have the correct orientation.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks.

Hi Chris

When you set control points ( at least 2 images per CP ), do you use UPDATE or you REalign the scene ??
Because when you use UPDATE, the scale will not work… You need to realign the scene to apply the scale. Then it will work, tested many times already…

Thanks for your reply.

I have not pressed update - import folder of images, create control points (3 points in 4 images each), align images, select cameras, Maya export. In Maya Translation OK but not orientation. This does not happen if I do not lock the CPs, but then I loose scale and orientation in Maya.

Can email images if needed.

Many thanks again

Hi Chris

send me the screenshots to