Image import / alignment features.

A few lower priority feature requests.

Remove unmatched images from the imported images list.

Button that removes imported images that were unable to find enough points for matching from the imported image list.

Display only unmatched images from the imported images list.
Button that displays only the unmatched images.

Alternately, a sort feature that sorts the matched and unmatched.

General purpose of the above is to help quickly identify failures in the capture setup. I know the green dot indicates images that have been matched, but it would be useful to have some additional controls for this. Also, the ability to run align again on the unmatched images with a higher feature count setting could be potentially useful.

Hi Neil

Sorting aligned/not aligned images.

Select all images in component and hit image list it will export only imgs used in the particular component


Can use very powerful workflow, can export aligned COMPONENTS
select Component with aligned imgs
go to ALIGNMENT ribbon,
SELECT ALL cameras
It will export only cameras use in the component