[Image Heavy] Something Magical

“Something Magical”. Having fun with Japanese side-scroller level design. Modeled in Maya, 3dCoat and Speedtree. Textured in dDO and nDo, rendered in Unreal Engine 4.

Excellent work.

A little bit too blue for my taste, though. I prefer warm colors. Blue makes me feel cold and I hate the cold. :slight_smile:

Nice !!
3DCoat was used for rock modeling ?
Any workflow tips will be very useful
Ty !

Thanks for the feedback =) Well, there’s icy blue and there’s warm blue. Otherwise it would be to orange.

Well, basically you make a base mesh in Maya, from simple cubes. Then use 3dcoat’s cutting tool in voxel mode. Keep cutting, until you get a shape that you like. You can do anything like this and it won’t crash like Zbrush sometimes does. Plus, won’t leave any geometry flying in the air. And after you are happy with the shape, export to Zbrush for the next stage (details sculpting).