Image for beta participant badges is missing

I’ve been noticing a broken image for a lot of users, and took a look with the chrome inspector. It appears to be a beta participant badge. The URL is:

See Rama for example:


However, the file 404s. Can you guys fix this, it’s been broken for a while!

Hi there,

We noticed this as well a while ago and after some trial and error, it seems to be an issue with that person’s browser web cache.

Clearing the cache on your browser should fix the issue, if not please let us know. Thanks!

That’s definitely not the issue. It looks like it’s related to sticky sessions on your ELBs (maybe one of your backend servers is missing the asset and the rest aren’t?).

Here is a cURL command to reproduce the issue:

[FONT=Courier New]curl “” -H “Cookie: AWSELB=B73583B712413788E8D0099043E0A6BB2F6E5A7208C30FB89FAD489F886EE73104C4DD42896AD6D87E3C95A54443104D9666C41F767432B6F3FBD5A5AA529ED53F2CF622AA”

In case you still get different results, the server that handled my request and 404’d was “”.

We had this discussion internally when a couple of the moderators noticed this problem, I was one who was unaffected by the issue. Both those who cannot see it and those who can were using the exact same version of Chrome. Those who could not see the image cleared their web history and cookies, then restarted their browser. After doing so the issue was resolved, it is possible some changes were made to the cookies some time ago, and judging by the code snippet you provided above the issue is related to cookies in some way.

Please try clearing your cache and all cookies then restart your browser, we have confirmed internally that this will solve the issue.

Thanks for providing the code snippet for Epic to review!