Image Cursor on UI Widget by Interacted with Line Trace

Hello All,
I designed and interactive retro computer for my game project and I have trouble with creating an image as a cursor on canvas in UI widget which only follow line trace. I want this cursor to stay when I stop inteacting with the computer.
I have been looking for a solution or similar examples on forums, BP samples and more over two weeks and couldn’t find any solution. Could you please help me guys.
Here is the link what I would like to have;

very cool computer interface :slight_smile:

hmm i would have the idea like in a minimap, when adding a point of interest it can move in there but it will stay at the corners of the map… if you interact with line trace you could get the local position of the mouse in the widget container and move the cursor as CanvasSlot there…

will be back in an hour~ i think then i can post you my minimap code for PointsOfInterest…

maybe this could be a solution ?

cheers :vulcan_salute:


Hello Philipp,
Is there any update? I am looking forward to your sample.

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yeah sorry i will post you the code in a few minutes… have so much work atm i did not come to it :confused:

must make a few screenshots :slight_smile:

can take a bit longer… need to finish this review quick, must send it in 2 hours… will make then a few screenshots but i think the detailed infos i can not post today anymore… have to look how quick i am now…

back soon :vulcan_salute:

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: take your time, I should go to sleep soon, it’s midnight here and I need to wake up to work.
I got obsessed about this cursor :smiley: I countdown to get on UE after my job almost everyday and try to find a solution or try to approach in different way cheking tutorials or examples where I may catch the idea.

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i promise i will post you as soon as possible :smiley: i hope this can help you… works for the minimap so i hope it should work for the cursor too but it is not so different from a point of interest in a minimap i think…

will make a little demo in an hour ~ will be online soon

cheers :vulcan_salute:

That’s what I’ve created so far :slight_smile: Cursor (green emoji image) follows software mouse but I would prefer line trace cuz there will be many screen in the game like for example to lock off the door or activate something…

This is a job for the widget interaction component - it already traces and lets you interact with UI elements. The widget must be world space, ofc. But this seems like what we’re after here.

This bad boy:


very cool computer interface

Aye, it’s n.e.a.t! For widgets to respond appropriately and to have control over how the whole thing behaves, I’d start wrapping the UI elements in user widgets sooner rather than later.

i am sorry for late reply but after all the work and finishing my exam i was a bit more exhausted that i thought ^^

will be online tonight and make the post… on my way home atm but should not take too long…

later :vulcan_salute:

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